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About Us

The Beginning...

It all started whenever I got my first smartphone, an iPhone 4. I thought the iPhone was the most beautiful thing, but because my sister bought it for me of course she wanted me to put a big bulky case on it to keep it crack free...

I did not like that at all, and it didn't take long before I wanted something new that wasn't so bulky. After searching the internet I couldn't really find a case that was protective while maintaining the sleekness of the iPhone and complimenting it's beauty. So I instead set out to make my own. I've always been fond of woodworking so the material of choice was wood. However, it didn't take long to learn that a fully wooden case lacks protection and is prone to cracking when dropped. After multiple different prototypes and test, I was finally able to create a case that was very unique, beautiful AND protective! My now iPhone 6 gets put to the test everyday with my clumsiness.


Design Features...

From the beginning we knew there were certain features the case had to have:

  • Protective - Both sides and screen protection were needed. To achieve this we used a high quality rubber bumper that extrudes past the screen to absorb the impact of a drop instead of your screen.
  • Easily accessible - Instead of a hard plastic case, we instead use rubber so that the case can flex to allow it to be easily put on and taken off of of the phone.
  • Unique - Wood grain is super unique, no two pieces are alike. So you can be sure that your Woudlers case is One-Of-A-Kind with no other case out there exactly like it.


Free Shipping...

As a customer shipping was the worst, after adding something to the cart you think you know how much you are going to be paying for something but then out of nowhere an extra charge is added. We didn't want to be another one of those sites that did that, so we provide free shipping on all orders within the United States. 


Get In Touch...

If you have any questions or comments about our cases or just want to let us know how much you love us, you can reach us by email or by social media:







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